Windy Hill was privileged to host a clinic this weekend with Jeff Cook. Riders were asked to lengthen their stirrups 1 to 2 holes for the flat portion. This exercise produced a deeper heel and stopped riders from nagging with their spur. A longer stirrup also helped horses with self carriage. He advised the use of old school steel stirrups in practice to encourage a better base. He feels that the wide base stirrups encourage riders to stand on their toes a bit, but are great for showing.

Jeff suggested carrying a short stick with every horse in practice so that if one is needed the horse is used to it.

For beginner riders he suggests starting them in a light seat or half seat to deepen their heels from the get go. Most people start riders in the full seat which does not allow the heels to sink. Since we have a lesson program with beginner riders, this was a valuable piece of advice!

It was a fantastic weekend! Everyone came away with more tools for their toolboxes. Horses jumped super and were more and more rideable as the weekend moved on. We are ready for 2018!!